Considering the lousy reason I am mentioned in this article, it all worked out pretty well. Wells Fargo gave me back the money a fraudster tricked me out of, I experienced what it is like to be interviewed by a New York Times reporter, and I had the fun of working with a very cool photographer.

Stacy Cowley, the reporter, was so easy to work with, actually sending me a draft of her story about a week beforehand and asking for corrections which she actually took. Take a look, she’s a creative writer too.

Then they sent a photographer from two hours away, to my house, to take about a hundred pictures of me, suddenly, two days before the story was to run. I essentially had a professional portrait shoot without the fee, and have access to some pretty terrific photos for my someday book jacket. Here’s his website. The unusually great shots he took made perfect sense when I discovered he’d done photos for Newsweek, Time and Teen Vogue to name a few.