Book Trailer

Here’s the book trailer for You’ll Get Over It, Jane Ellen I put together with the help of three high school students. They satisfied some of their graduation requirements by assisting me, a local author.

In order to accomplish that they gamely helped me haul iron garden furniture onto that rock out in middle of the raging water, then participated in the carefully timed tossing of china teacups and pot, thermos of hot tea, tea biscuits and napkins, all in the service of creating the scenes we captured with my iPhone 11. All of this was on March 11, 2020 just days before their school and the rest of Pennsylvania shut down for months.

On May 28 my daughter and I headed back into the woods to capture additional footage for the opening and final scenes despite the ongoing quarantine. Afterall, we were still alone out there in the woods.

Many thanks to this team of intrepid young ladies, my daughter included, and my silent but ever supportive husband, who have happily followed me everywhere I have led.

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