Thank You Notes

Thanks for coming out to talk with us today, the ladies LOVED what you had to say!!!!! I had most of them tell me how down to earth you were, and how they loved the fact that stressed the importance of playtime with our kids at the expense of getting housework done! So, even though there were only a few of us, we really were blessed by what you had to say 🙂


Hi Jane,
First, thank you again so very much for your time and energies. It’s clear that you love to share what you’ve learned – and you do it so skillfully and with such passion and honesty. Several people mentioned to me that the hour absolutely flew by – so they knew they were thoroughly engaged! Your children are so very fortunate to have a mother who cares so deeply and thinks so carefully and introspectively about her parenting. Perhaps your mother’s failings weren’t for naught! You sure made the best of a rotten situation and your kids (and you) are the beneficiaries!

Hi Jane,
Just a quick thank you for such a wonderful presentation tonight. You laid your soul bare and shared so many wonderful things with us… it was such a powerful, impactful, and enjoyable presentation. Can’t thank you enough!!
Again, many, many thanks!!
Take care,
Hello Jane,
I just wanted to thank you for coming to speak to the MOMS group. I was really looking forward to hearing you speak, but unfortunately I was very late and missed most of the presentation. I heard you say one thing that helped me, though. I like your suggestion to stop and drop everything when my child asks me to play. I was going about it all wrong before… I would try to spend time with my daughter when it was convenient for me, not her, and it wasn’t working. I was getting frustrated.

Also, I really enjoyed reading your article “A Perfect Song to Sing”. It is really in tune with what I am trying to teach my children… but again, I was approaching in a different way. I grew up believing that the only option was to go to college, get a degree, and get a 9-5 office job. I recently realized that I didn’t want that life, and I don’t want my kids to limit themselves to that life. So I am in the process of starting up my own business, to show them that there are other opportunities out there, and that they are capable of more than they ever thought possible. I like your idea that “Parents can help children know themselves by responding to the exceptional things they do, to help them learn what they are good at…”.

Jane, your fresh perspective on life and children is very inspiring, and I just wanted to personally thank you for reminding us of what is truely important.


_________________________________________________________________________________________________________Hi Jane,
I just feel compelled to write to you, to thank you for your inspirational talk that you gave at the MOPS meeting this past Thursday. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and your words really hit home to me. I think I was really in a spot in my life that I needed to digest your words, it’s been a struggle the past few months with my infant son not sleeping very well – and my other two toddlers needing me every minute of the day. I thank you for your words of encouragement, and the fact that “this is the only childhood that your child will have…so make it memorable.” Those words will forever resonate in my head from this week on – reminding me of my most important job. The fact that you were willing to open up your life to a room full of strangers, to provide your thoughtful advice, simply for the benefit of other mothers, is truly amazing. In my experience, many times other women have offered advice regarding parenting, both solicited and non-solicited, and most times this advice comes across judgmental and critical. Thank you for being the total opposite, your gently delivered message of ‘seize the moment’ really hit home. I could not stop talking about your visit with my family and my husband.

I am now a faithful follower of your blog! I will also encourage all the mothers in my life to do so as well.
Hi Jane–

I was at your discussion last night at the Parlor Room in Media. (the one who said I loved your writing and that I am also a writer.)

First, I wanted to let you know again that I really enjoyed and appreciated what you spoke about last night. I spoke to several of my friends today and we all reported having put aside specific time this morning and afternoon to play with our kids — something that had really fallen by the wayside. So, thank you.

I also wondered if you knew of any local writing groups that I might be able to look into joining. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had an opportunity to share and critique writing (outside of my students’ at Drexel, where I teach in the Freshmen Writing Program) and I’d love to get back into it.

Thanks again for taking the time to come speak with us last night. I really wish more of our members had been able to attend; maybe we will be able to host you again next year and really talk it up to beef up attendance.


Thank you again for coming to speak at our MOPS group. I have received just wonderful feedback – everyone truly enjoyed hearing your stories and insight. It really gave people a lot to think about. Hopefully we can have you back another time soon!!
Best Regards,

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    Enjoyed so much your post on memories on the blog. Particularly liked how you took the sewing scene details and turned the sounds of the buzzing fly at the window into a metaphor for another writing piece. Your blog is a good reminder of looking at our memories with a magnifying glass, sorting out all the components, and then utilizing those to create good prose. Hope to hear more advice from you on that blog!

    Keep writing!

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