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We were all relaxing on the couches and chairs in my mother-in-law’s apartment one night, after a lovely dinner out, when my pup came prancing by with something white in her mouth. Slightly alarmed, since my mother-in-law is not a fan of our dog and clearly something was amiss, I quietly followed my pup to the back and watched as she buried a giant marshmallow under a pillow on the bed in the guest bedroom.

They make giant marshmallows, you know. And Mama the Great, as she likes to be called, had bought a bag of these exciting sweets to share with our family. But the further I investigated the more distressed I became, because under every single pillow in the apartment there was stashed a giant marshmallow. And based on the gooey messes I was finding, some had been vigorously stashed. Apparently while we’d been out to dinner our pup had jumped onto the dining room table, opened the bag, pulled out a white ‘bone’ that needed burying and set off in search of a locale. By my count, she repeated this quite serious task about fifteen times. Mama said she found more after we left…

Somehow it came to be that my doggie was allowed at my mother-in-law’s apartment in the first place, despite Mama the Great’s dislike of such filthy beasts. Our dog even got to sit on the sofa! We secretly let her sleep in bed with us when we visited there, and this with my mother-in-law in the spare bedroom and us in her bed. Now that I look back at it, we had it coming that our pup would be banished, just for us daring to be so bold!

But the truth is, Penny was ousted, emphatically unwelcome at Mama the Great’s ever again, immediately after this the last straw, ever since referred to as, The Marshmallow Debacle.