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Occasionally I have an absurd lack of confidence in my ability to write anything meaningful here and so I have failed to post recently. Many apologies to my loyal readers. I say absurd because just last week I located plenty of confidence and strapped on the harness and helmet and for a couple of hours conquered a high ropes course with my 16-year old daughter. It isn’t writing, but confidence is required.

I had no idea what a high ropes course was until I climbed the first tree, stood on the tiny wooden platform about twenty feet high and saw that I was expected to walk across an abyss on widely placed swaying boards suspended from cables over to another tree, possibly higher yet, across the way, just over there, WAY over there. What?? Yeah, and from there there were even crazier ‘elements’ to challenge me, such as a leather saddle I was to haul over to myself then launch off upon from another platform so I might sail through the woods on my faux horse. And then, too soon, try hoisting myself up a wood and rope ladder hanging from a broad limb that looked so easy until I realized the rungs were as big around as railroad ties, and that the intervals between them were so great that I had to haul myself up onto each before being able to reach the next, all while swinging around the forest like a monkey. My heart was pounding after that, and I considered panic once I saw the zip line that required me to take a literal leap of faith towards the next tree. Thankfully I gathered my courage and dumped it all into the ride.

It’s no fun when I lose track of where I’ve left my confidence. After all, when I have hold of it, I can accomplish so much. I had no doubt at all as I traveled along the course ever higher and ever tougher that I was strong enough and able-bodied enough, capable of managing whatever they threw at me. I have lived a bit already, seen plenty, so this stuff is nothing when I measure it against what life can toss my way. Maybe I just needed an obvious challenge, a dare, a reason to strap on the gear and see if I still had my guts and my will.

Seems I do.