As a child there were a lot of secrets in my life, lots of closed-door discussions I was never privy to, and lots of not-telling-me-things-I-needed-to-know. A lot of silence. As a result I am pretty open, not to mention quite willing to teach anyone anything I know. I love blowing open the mysteries of life. I will teach you, freely and gladly, anything I can. I do this because I felt so lost as a child. The world was filled with mysteries, large and small, and I had no one to ask. Information is power, only I never had any of it. Now that I am older, I live with that subconscious idea that anyone might be confused about something I am NOT confused about, and that I might be able to clear that up for them, freely and gladly hand over the power, as I guess I wished would have happened for me long ago.

So this ends up making me a pretty good teacher of just about anything I know. I figure out how to break things down into understandable parts, reduce things to their elements, and point out that construction. Apparently this attitude makes me especially good at understanding which words to use to make it possible for what I know to be transferred to you, so that you know. I will teach you to cook, to sew, or to write a paper, or define a word, or get you actually useful directions to somewhere, or anything else I am capable of.

In case you cannot tell, there is a little edge of desperation to my desire to help you learn something, and that kind of turns it all into a rather passionate endeavor for me. Got anything I can help you with?